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String Reviews




D’Addario – I give them a 9. The reason being is that I use them often. They are averagely priced as well as a good quality string. They stay in tune and you can buy bulk sets so you have spares if you break one. They make Acoustic as well as Electric. They also just came out with a set of coated strings like Elixer for Acoustic. These are my pick for Electrics!

Fender Bullets


Fender – I give them an 8. Great strings. Lots of different levels and sizes. They also make strings for Banjo’s, Mandolin’s and Acoustic Guitars. Let me share with you a cool set of Electrics called Super Bullets. They actually have small Bullet type ends on them causing them to slide into your tailpiece better and more securely. Pricing is in range with Most strings. Highly Recommended!

Gibson Strings


Gibson – I give them a 7. They also have a good variety of string type and sizes. They can get a little pricier than average strings. I think that’s because of the name. Good strings.

GHS Boomers


GHS – I give a 7. The string are definitely Lower priced, so if your looking for a bargain set, these are for you. The string quality are ok, if you pull and bend a lot you might break them sooner some other brands but overall good strings.

Dean Markley Blue Steel


Blue Steel – I’d have to give the a 7. I don’t have a lot of experience with this Brand but the reviews I’ve seen say there a good quality string priced a little higher than say Fender or D’Addario strings.

Martin Acoustic Strings


Martin – Definitely an 8. Martin makes Acoustic Strings. The Great thing about that is that there not saying ‘we can make any kind of string’. There focus is on one type of guitar and that’s acoustic. Well made, I used to use them on my other acoustics before Elixer came out but very good quality strings and a big variety of different sounding strings.

Elixer Strings


Elixer – Yes a 9 1/2. Awesome for Acoustic Guitars. I love the way they sound on my Taylor. The only downside is there a little pricey but you won’t have to buy string as often because of the coating on the strings. I totally recommend these strings. If you never try them again you must put a set on and listen to there tone. It’s worth it!!They also make strings for Electric Guitars.