Frequently Asked Questions

These are the faq’s I get all the time.

Do we have a Warranty or Return Policy?

Warranty & Return Policy    We have a Lifetime Warranty on all our String Installers. If with everyday use, you ware out our string installer, or break one (good luck) we will send you a new one at no charge. Simply send us a picture of your Broken or Damaged one and we’ll Replace it.  Our Return Policy is Simple, If you Receive a Broken or Defective String Installer, Just Simply Send it Back and we’ll Replace it Free of Charge.

Does the Spin Doctor fit all Guitar Keys?
Yes, to our best knowledge it fits all guitar key being made today. Our research hasn’t found any it won’t work on.
*If you find one please let us know*
Do you make any for Bass Guitars
Yes, At one time we did make a SD Bass key but we are sold out at the moment. I do have some scratch and dent bass key that I will sell you at a discount. They work find but they came in scratched so we set them aside. Please just email me and we’ll work out a deal for ya.
If there are any other questions you might have, please feel free to email us at mike@Spin-Doctor.com or Call us at (317) 370-8027.

We look foward to it, Mike